The Calm Connections offers mentorship and mindfulness activities to youth. The goal is to implement the mindfulness practices (such as breathing exercises, stretching and relaxation, attention training, and self-regulation strategies). Through our mission to calm minds and build connections we aim to foster systemic change by promoting resiliency, self-awareness and alleviating traumatic responses so that community members are better equipped to handle life’s challenges.

More specifically our mindfulness activities are aimed to help to build compassion and empathy for oneself and others, and to help reduce traumatic responses [externalizing behavior: anger outbursts, fights, hyperactivity, oppositional; internalizing behaviors: anxiety, depression, socially withdrawn, somatic symptoms (stomach aches, headaches, etc.)].

We aim to provide youth with the mentorship to also become yoga and mindfulness teachers in efforts to provide leadership skills, economic empowerment, and the opportunity to build a sense of community with the systemic change of promoting resilience in the community and building compassion and empathy.